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Hold Ups - Ballerina (448)
Hold Ups - Ballerina (448)
Hold Ups - Ballerina (448)

Mae-Rae Lingerie

Hold Ups - Ballerina (448)



Introducing the sensational new collection by Ballerina 'Blue Night' including a mixture of 16 adventurous tights and hold ups.

 Perfect hosiery for any occasion and if blue is your favourite colour, you‰۪re going to love this.

A truly beautiful pair of hold ups in Nero (Black) / Skin with astonishing gold detailing at the top of the thigh. As shown in the image, these hold ups can be worn with suspenders and has a plain band at the top. Following this, a skin design with an imitated suspender buckle takes its place and leads into elegant golden embroidery with a gorgeous swirly pattern. The rest of the leg takes a plain, bold black colour. The skin part of the hold ups is 20 denier and the bolder pattern is 60 denier. 

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