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The Brassiere

Mae Rae Lingerie

Did you know,  that although Hermine Cadolle is credited with designing the first brassiere, in 1889, the brassiere was not really worn before the 1920s and the shortened word of ‘bra’ only started to be used after 1937!  Several individuals had their own unique designs, such as Samaritaine’s Idéal and Mamelia, Madame Cadolle’s Corselet-gorge and Madame Gaches-Sarraute’s Sans-gêne (comfort), Expansible (stretch) and these designs were shown at the Paris World’s Fair in 1900.

We have moved  through and whole range of different style since those early days, from the iconic ‘bullet bra’ of the 1950s, the padded and uplift bra, the sports bra, Madonna’s cone bra, and the now very popular and incredible comfortable bralette.