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Shapewear is extremely popular these  days – year on year it is growing ,as women realise that they are comfortable garments to wear, that help to give you those killer curves.  Shapewear are undergarments, i.e. bras, pants, girdles, corsets and even bodies that slim the body and give shape by sculpting the body fat in those annoying places, you tums, bums, waist etc!.  If you did not know, it is also made for men and is proving popular in that market too. 

Now there is also a debate between the vintage shapewear and the modern shapewear camps.    I think it is a personal preference and no one design or era is better than the other, plus there is absolutely no reason you cannot wear both types.  We, here at Mae-Rae Lingerie are undertaking our own little experiment on the modern versions, with a select group of ladies who have never worn shapewear before, to get their feedback.  Nothing scientific, just honest feedback from normal everyday ladies.    More on this later…