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A Guide to Shapewear

Mae Rae Lingerie

Shapewear is so good these days, especially when compared to your grandmother’s  day!  If you haven’t tried shapewear – why not?   It’s like having all your lumpy bits smoothed out.  In fact, it can have such a dramatic effect that most celebrities are said to wear it on the red carpet and Kim Khardashian has always been a firm fan.   These days shapewear comes in vast range of styles and fabrics, making it confusing. My advice is to:

  1. Never size down – this only creates lumps and bumps and discomfort
  2. Stick to your size – try it on, sit down in it, walk around in it. Decide if it feel comfortable – it should
  3. Choose the correct constriction – read the garments label. The more nylon the more the garment will change your shape.  If the garment feels light it is generally only going to smooth the body; if it feels heavier, then it should have compression areas that will suck and tuck your body into shape. 
  4. Choose high-waist garments as these give a smooth line to the torso
  5. If you want all over shaping, wear an all- over bodysuit